About Us

Qarmall Limited® was established in 2018, registered and incorporated in Kenya under Companies Act, 2015.  Reg. No. PVT-V7UEA7P to operate as an e-commerce entity.

Qarmall is an online auto-parts dealer specializing in spare parts, accessories, Client Service Consultants and mechanical service contractors.

We zone in on engine parts, service parts, interior and exterior accessories or specific/special orders. If a spare part is not locally available we can order it from abroad and ship it in at affordable rates.

We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to quality genuine spare parts and automotive accessories. We are zero-tolerant to counterfeits, consequently we advise and guide our clients on how to spot fakes or low quality and potentially dangerous parts.

We are maxed out on timely Same Day Delivery service that runs 24 hours within Nairobi and its surrounding regions: Kiambu, Thika, Kitengela, Ngong’, Rongai, Machakos, Limuru, Naivasha, Nakuru…This service is crucial especially when the unexpected eventualities happen. Our technical team is on standby to assist through our Client Service Line 0704 189 834.

Our provisioning capacity enables us to serve a wide array of clients: retail, wholesale, NGOs, government and corporate firms.

We look forward predicated upon our clients needs to facilitate custom ordering of full engines, commercial vehicle parts and Verified-Quality-Genuine Ex-UK/ Ex-Japan spare parts and accessories to our clients where possible.

The Qarmall Team is driven by divine values, integrity and passion to serve our customers diligently through quality and reliable service delivery.