Toyota Air Filter Element


Toyota genuine air filter element for vehicles listed below.

Part Number: 17801-38030 / 1780138030

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Why you should use genuine air filter element

1. Increased fuel efficiency:

One of the major reason to use a genuine air filter. Some studies indicate that fitting a sub-standard air filter increases fuel mileage by as much as 14 percent. It gets worse when the filter gets clogged up with dirt which even affects driving.

Using a genuine air filter can potentially increase acceleration by 6 to 11 percent on modern fuel-injected cars. Other studies claim a 10 percent increase in gas mileage.

2. Reduced emissions:

Sub-standard air filters can reduce air flow to the engine, literally choking it, and as a result affect the emission control systems of the car causing an incorrect air-fuel mixture and spark plug ignition problems which can lead to serious driving issues.

Spark plugs can become fouled which often times result in an engine miss or rough idle, while also greatly affecting fuel mileage. It can also increase engine deposits caused by having too rich of a fuel mixture and may cause the “Service Engine Soon” light to illuminate. Increased air flow to the engine allows it operate properly reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions.

3. Prolongs engine life:

Using a genuine air filter regularly helps prolong engine life because the air filter is designed to trap damaging dirt and debris that can damage internal engine parts such as the cylinders and pistons. Engine damage can occur from particles as small as a grain of salt and result in costly repairs.

4. Inexpensive and quick fix:

An air filter is one of the least expensive maintenance components to replace and can be done by doing it yourself. It is important to make certain to use the right air filter designed for your exact make and model of car.

Make Model Year
Lexus Lx 460 2012 - 2015
Lexus Lx 570 2007 - 2018
Toyota LandCruiser 2009 - 2018
Toyota Sequoia 2007 - 2016
Toyota Tundra 2006 - 2018